Meet the Team

Our team is a collection of professional property managers not just from the real estate industry, but from various areas and backgrounds, who have come together for one purpose: giving rental property owners a superior choice for residential property management. Learn more about us or contact us for more information on getting started.

Mat Cox » gkhouses Chattanooga Team Leader

Mat Cox Bio Photo

Don’t let the fact that Mat was raised in Mississippi fool you, he’s “all-in” when it comes to Chattanooga property management.

Mat leads our Chattanooga office and considers it a great privilege to walk with owners through the process of getting their houses marketed, and rented quickly.

When Mat’s not speaking with owners or managing our staff, you can find him working out at the downtown Sportsbarn, running across the Walnut Street Bridge, or with his wife or home playing with his two boys.

Hometown: Fulton, Mississippi

Miriam Lanham » Owner Sales and Property Management Guru

Miriam Lanham Bio Photo

Miriam has been with gkhouses in Chattanooga the longest!

She serves as our Operations Coordinator and oversees daily tasks in getting units ready to market for our incoming tenants.

She began as a Receptionist and spent the next four years as the Maintenance Coordinator for River City before taking over this new role with gkhouses.

When Miriam isn’t focused on someone else’s property, she spends most of her time at home with her three dogs and cat.

She also loves to hang out on the front porch tending to her many houseplants, or practicing calligraphy and writing letters to friends and family.

Miriam is also a fourth year Tai Chi student and lifetime lover of live music and theatre.

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Jamie Fisher » Leasing Coordinator

Jamie Fisher Bio Photo

Jamie eats, breathes, and sleeps leasing.

He’s passionate about leasing because he knows that owners want their house leased fast and to a great Chattanooga tenant.

Jamie studied psychology at the University of Southern Indiana and the University of Memphis.

Out of college, he worked in recruiting for agencies focused on the manufacturing industry with niche markets in automotive manufacturing.

When he’s not finding exceptional Chattanooga tenants, Jamie spends his time outside hiking, hammocking, or paddle boarding.

If you speak with him, ask him the most recent documentaries he been checking out.

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana


Alex Smith » Leasing Coordinator

Alex Smith Bio Photo

Alex is the quiet one of the group. He comes in early, puts his head down and cranks out a tremendous amount of work. He communicates with your tenants and makes sure they have the best care possible.

He is also the most recently married of our group…so we’re glad he’s a great communicator. Alex loves all things Lululemon and is probably top of his class at the local Dojo where he trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Graduating from Alabama didn’t convert him, he’s still a die-hard Auburn football fan.

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Alex Fortanbary » New Owner Sales

Alex Fortanbary Bio Photo

Alex loves the office phone. Mostly because he’s able to answer questions from owners like you each day.

He says he has the best job at gkhouses and nothing makes him happier than talking to new owners. Well…maybe the only thing he enjoys more is South Carolina sports. We don’t know why!

When Alex isn’t helping owners find the best solution for their rental houses, you can find him talking about dinner plans or actually having dinner.

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia